Canon Singapore Launches Contactless Temperature Screening System

Canon Singapore has launched a digital check-in solution, which enables businesses to facilitate contactless, fast and easy temperature screening and entry/exit recording for staff and customers.

The solution, which is known as Facial Access Control Temperature System (FACTS), uses an 8-inch tablet that combines the functions of a camera, infrared thermography, near-field communication (NFC) device, barcode scanner and data storage.

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How It Works

To check in, visitors should stand within 0.5 to 0.7 metres from the device to have their temperature screened via the infrared thermography. If the visitor’s temperature is within a predetermined range, a green text box will be shown to indicate that the visitor has passed the temperature screening. This will be accompanied by an automated voice message which says, “temperature normal”.

The device will then request for the visitor’s identity, which can be quickly obtained by scanning the visitor’s identification cards such as NRIC (the latest digital version is also accepted) and driver’s license at the barcode scanner. The device also can be set to automatically take a photo of the visitor, if required. It takes just a few seconds to complete the entire process.

canon facts

Canon Singapore is also working on integrating FACTS with other devices and solutions that can be used within the office environment to help with functions such as video analytics. Another feature that will be added soon is facial recognition, which will enable staff to check into their workplaces easily.

FACTS also comes with an anti-spoofing feature that prevents unauthorised personnel from impersonating eg. by using a photo or video to enter the premises.

The Facial Access Control Temperature System (FACTS) is available now, from S$3,200 onwards. For more details, email