NXT Angel Jasavelle vlogs with the Canon Tripod Grip HG-100TBR

NXT monthly Angel Feb issue Inbox 	x

“I do have some vlogging experience as I sometimes help out a friend of mine who owns a production company that does YouTube videos, though I’m usually the one operating the camera. Compared to the grips I’ve used before I actually like this Canon grip because it is bigger, so its actually easier to grasp in my hand and I reckon it offers more stability.

I also liked how it is super easy to adjust, you can not only easily rotate your digital camera 360 degrees but also switch it from portrait to landscape. The removable remote control is a great idea if you use the tripod to shoot selfie videos and lets you control recording and zoom.

In my personal life, I actually prefer snapping photos to capturing videos, and like using mirrorless or compact cameras.”

Jasavelle is in the final year of her communications degree in design and events, with basically one module left, which is for 3ds Max. She’s done photo-editing and she does event modelling, so you may have seen her at various shows before. You can find her on Instagram @jastired.



The Canon Tripod Grip HG-100TBR is actually three products in one and made for easy one-hand use with a quick adjustable camera mount that supports vertical recording, and there’s an accessory shoe mount that you can use to mount accessories like the Canon External Microphone DM-E100 (S$149). Compatible with Canon’s EOS M and PowerShot G series cameras, the HG-100TBR can be easily transformed into a table-top tripod for self-recording or self-portraits. The Tripod Grip comes with a detachable BR-E1 remote control that operates the zoom, AF and shutter from a distance.

S$139 / RM419