Lenovo Tab M10 Review: Tablet for the Kids

Lenovo has been producing affordable Android tablets for years, and the Tab M10 (HD) is an excellent example of the breed – it has all your Android tablet essentials in a decent package.  

The Tab M10 has a matt black plastic case of our review that provides a very good hand hold and is very easy to wipe clean, while its rounded edges the Tab M10 is easy to carry around the home.

Lenovo Tab M10

Performance is actually pretty decent – the Snapdragon 429 processor is an entry level chip but functions pretty well and is quite power-efficient. It’s well matched to the M10’s 10.1-inch HD screen and we didn’t encounter any speed issues when we tried out a couple of YouTube videos, and though the M10 will bog down if your kids try to run resource intensive games.

One feature that caught us by surprise was Facial Recognition, which we usually do not encounter in tablets at this price range, but it makes accessing the Tab M10 a lot faster and has an additional benefit in that you can lock parental controls with it. This means that your kids will be able to access your approved content like YouTube and Games, but won’t be able to get into your Netflix account and mess up your save point for The Crown.  

Overall the Lenovo Tab M10 is an excellent tablet for its price point as a family tablet with kid friendly features, and though its onboard memory is just 16GB a 64GB microSD card is just about $25 more. 


Rating: 4/5



Stay within its basic performance perimetres and you’ll find that the Lenovo Tab M10 performs admirably well to keep the kids occupied, handle your emails and let you catch up on your backlog of Black Mirror seasons.