Google Nest Mini Review: Mini Nest of Speakers

Google has taken a few tips from Marie Kondo and tidied up it’s Home a little, moving its Smart IoT devices and speakers into a new Nest family, along the way they’ve also replaced the original Google Mini Home Speaker with the next-generation Google Nest Mini.

The Nest Mini now uses a round-pin power connector instead of micro USB, which means I can no longer power up the speaker with portable USB power source, though the bottom section of the speaker is now coated in a non-slip matt silicone and there’s a universal wall mount so you can place the Mini on a wall to free up table space.

Google Nest Mini

The Nest Mini now comes with additional LED lights on both sides of the speaker, and it also delivers better bass than its predecessor – I thought that it was even better sounding than the Nest Hub. For voice assistant functionality, Google has also added a dedicated machine learning chip that enables the Mini to ‘hear’ voice commands better and process them faster than the first generation device.

The Nest Mini also has multi-room audio as well as stream transfer, so that with a voice command like “Hey Google, move my music to the bedroom speaker” you can shift your tunes to another speaker without having to restart your audio tract.


Rating: 4.5/5

The Google Nest Mini is still the most affordable Google Assistant you can get in one small speaker.