NXT Angels 2019 – Results Are In!

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Our bi-annual search for NXT’s next female lifestyle tech writer has come to an end and the results are in!

The 3 favorite Angels as voted by NXT readers and their reviews are presented below.

The favorite Angels are Averyl, Han Yun, and Jia Min. Congratulations!

Here are the collated results of your votes as well as the sponsors’ scores based on the Angels’ reviews:

Angel Voting 2019 Scores

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Averyl Vlogs with the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III


The new Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III a very pocketable compact camera for everyday shooting and good for general photography, but I was sold by the ability to flip-over 180-degree. The ability to rotate allows you to view from the front of the camera which is best for vlogging enthusiasts. Personally, I love taking selfies and this camera is best for vlogging and selfies which is perfect for me, especially as the touchscreen works just like a phone (I might even start vlogging)!

The autofocus (AF) system is very fast, especially when you use the touch and shoot function of on the touchscreen. Image quality is sharp which is a bonus for something this small and I love the fact that you could change the settings of the shot on-the-go which makes editing so much easier! For example, you can adjust the saturation and colour tones based on the surroundings.

As a newbie myself, I found it really easy to use as compared to a DSLR. In addition, the ease to directly transfer photos with the Canon Mobile Application is an added bonus! I felt that the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III is a fun camera to carry around and is good to invest if you are first starting out with photography.


Han Yun with the FiiO M5

Han Yun

When I was first set eyes on the FiiO M5 Hi-Res Lossless Music Player, I was surprised with its sleek design and small size, which is similar to the Apple Watch, so its very portable and convenient to be brought around. It also has a number of pre-installed apps and comes packed with a pedometer, recorder and watch. The M5 can also perform as both a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver making it multi-functional, so I could connect the M5 to my phone to play my Spotify playlist or pair with my wireless earphones to play my music.

Speaking of music, as the FiiO M5 is a lossless music player, the music transmitted would not have lost any components of the file due to compression. This is translated into higher music quality and an enhanced melodic experience allowing the music to be crisp and dynamic. Additionally, it has customizable settings to tweak the equalizer or change the playback gap based on personal preference.

To top it all off, the FiiO M5 comes in 4 stylish colours (Red, Blue, Silver & Titanium) and is inclusive of a transparent clip case that allows the M5 to be both equipped & protected. A watch strap add-on can also be purchased to use the FiiO M5 as a watch.


Jia Min Jogs with the Sennheiser CX Sport

Jia Min

Personally, I love listening to mandapop and spend minimally few hours a day listening to music. As someone who is often on the go, a huge plus point of the Sennheiser CX Sport is that it’s light in weight and easy to carry around, plus sweat and splash resistant. Compared to the earphones that I am currently using, the CX Sport really sparks joy with its brilliant, high-quality sound, especially bass reproduction, and I foresee myself ditching my old earpiece soon. I also really like the fact that both the earbuds and fins fits very well in my ear and don’t shift when I’m working out.

The only difficulty I experienced was during the initial pairing of earphones with my phone where I spent a couple of minutes scanning through the instruction menu before finally getting it. After the first setup, I’ve had no issues with connecting the earphones to my phone.

A further added convenience is the three-button remote that allows me to effortlessly control pause/play, volume and change songs without having to touch my phone. This is a good point especially when I am busy with the house chores and unable to hold my phone all the time.