The Next Wave of China Tech

The NXT Guru travelled to busy Guangzhou recently to check out the first CE China exhibition to take place in the cosmopolitan city and found a number of Chinese tech companies that will lead the next wave of Chinese consumer technology.

CE China 2019 sign

Robot Cars and VR Entertainment at CE China

For the third year in succession the Consumer Electronics China (CE China) trade show showcased the very best new innovation in Chinese consumer technology, though from this year onwards the show, a global IFA event, took place in Guangzhou, one of the largest megacities in China and a major trade and transportation centre. At CE China 2019 275 exhibitors showcased their latest products and innovative consumer electronics and home appliances solutions.

CE China 2019 Aion self-driving car

Autonomous Vehicles are big in China

This year CE China hosted a new section dedicated to autonomous driving, concept cars, electric vehicles and intelligent driving.

The DeepBlue Technology Panda Bus is a fully autonomous electric bus with a range of over 400km that uses palm prints for payment and has in-vehicle robot voice interaction, passenger abnormal behaviour monitoring and intelligent emergency escape system. The unique design of the bus, including its ‘panda ears’ was a result of the integrated sensors and networking for autonomous driving, navigation and networking.

WeRide is a smart mobility company that creates leading L4 autonomous driving technologies and has been qualified for road test in both Guangzhou and California.

Also on show are systems from AutoX and which both claim to offer world firsts in self-driving solutions as well as the Aion S, an EV car that went on sale in China in April 2019.

CE China 2019 VR bike demo

Virtual Entertainment

With a population reaching 1.4 billion people, it comes as no wonder that the Chinese entertainment industry is truly gigantic, but while we are much more familiar with news on Chinese movies, TV shows and music, large amusement venues and theme parks are popular in China and at CE China wide range of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications were showcased, including a number of products for these amusement and entertainment establishments.

Guangzhou-based FuninVR is a company that has established in- depth cooperation with tech giants like Intel, HTC and other globally renowned VR companies to develop and produce VR products that are applied in kids’ education.

The Next China Wave

We are now very familiar with major Chinese tech brands such as Huawei, Oppo and Lenovo, but as the Chinese domestic market matures more Chinese companies will start to seek success internationally, like TCL and Hisense. Here’s four more companies that you may soon find familiar.

CE China 2019 Galanz booth


Among the leading Chinese brands at this year’s CE China are Galanz, which in 40 years has become a world-leading integrated white goods brand. Galanz claims to operate the world’s leading microwave oven R&D and manufacturing centre and is also actively seeking the cooperation of established brands in the US, Japan, Korea, Europe.

CE China 2019 Haier booth


Chinese home appliance giant Haier have been to CE China for a number of years, and such is the brands strength in the Chinese market that Haier is regarded as the number one home appliance brand on the planet with 10.5% global market share, even though they aren’t well known outside of China. Haier is now focusing “smart life plan” encompasses diverse living scenarios including smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bathroom, smart bedroom and smart balcony.

CE China 2019 Skyworth booth


Skyworth is a brand that you’ll soon find out a lot more about, as they are one of the major sponsors of the SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines at the end of November.

Chinese CE manufacturer Skyworth is also back at CE China to demonstrate its products in smart home audio and video, including HD smart set- top boxes for large-screen home entertainment system, 4K smart home projection, smart TV audio, and wireless conference boxes. Among others, these products have won iF and Red Dot awards for their innovative design.

CE China 2019 Konka booth


LCD-focused display maker Konka has already started to establish itself in overseas markets in Europe, North/ South America and across Asia and recently made its first moves into the African market when it established a strategic cooperation with Egypt’s largest e-commerce platform, Jumia.