THE ELECTRICIANZ (ELZ), a young watch brand based in Switzerland, launches a new model: THE NEON Z.

Celebrating a Sparkling Punk Culture

THE NEON Z is the first piece of ELZ to be launched in both fluorescent colors and double battery design. The brand aims to bring original watches to the market with a distinctive brand universe.

Man illuminated in darkness while wearing THE ELECTRICIANZ's THE NEON Z

The Neon Z is daring: Like stones covered in vibrant graffities, ELZ’ original design is reinvented through an absolutely vertiginous delirium of fluorescent shapes and colors.

THE NEON Z is for the true punks at heart, those who take pleasure in the joyful sabotaging of the establishment, and who want to claim life back from stonecold procedures and rules. A joyful mix of punk spirit and 90’s teenage angst taking its roots in urban cultures, THE NEON Z is a strong contemporary piece decked in a double-battery design. And wait until it is exposed to the UV lights, revealing all its fine illuminated designs.

Illuminated in darkness while wearing THE ELECTRICIANZ's THE NEON Z

THE NEON Z shows its full potential when exposed to the night. Therefore, its double-battery system ensures a longer power supply to the LED crown. A small red LED flashes to let you know the LED battery #1 is running off. Simply switch to battery #2 by rotating the switcher with an adequate screw driver to keep powering the LED light.

Pricing and Availability

The Neon Z will be available online and in all ELZ’ points of sale.

RRP: $370USD

RRP (excl. taxes): $343USD