FiiO launches K5 Pro Desktop DAC and Amplifier in Singapore with Better Decoding

FiiO launches the K5 Pro desktop DAC and Amplifier for anyone to enjoy high quality audio from any input and playback to equally high quality headphones. The FiiO K5 Pro is now available to Singapore audiophiles and enthusiasts.

K5 Pro

Faithful Sound, Tiny Footprint

Place a FiiO K5 Pro between your audio sources and your headphones, and suddenly you are transfixed by the truest sounds with incredible details, transposing you to a whole new world of sound of no parallel. The K5 Pro becomes your bridge between your computer, speakers, and headphones, akin to a concert hall on your desk. Think of the FiiO K5 Pro as a small desktop DAC and amplifier, a DAC for external sources, and a powerful amplifier for mobile devices.

The FiiO K5 Pro is a smallish all-aluminium device that fits on any desk or space, with a prominent volume knob, toggle switches, a headphone jack, inputs such as coaxial, optical, and RCA, powered by a external DC 15V power supply that is specially designed to minimise noise. There is no power supply ripple or crosstalk, so all you hear through the K5 Pro is great faithful sound.

Powered by the high-performance thoroughbred AKM AK4493 DAC with 32-bit processing and VELVET SOUND technology, with a XMOS XUF208 USB decoding chip with 768 kHz and DSD inputs, the K5 Pro is capable of great clock management and decoding performance, so that you get digital audio that is smooth as silk and true as time.

K5 Pro

Any Input, No Problem

Digital audio is all about integrity and fidelity. The FiiO K5 Pro is your faithful butler that bridges optical and coaxial inputs of up to 192 kHz from various music players and digital interfaces.

Most smartphones and portable music players cannot push full-sized headphones to their full potential due to limited power supplies. With the K5 Pro powered by external DC power, your full-sized headphones can relay sounds as they are intended to be – loud and clear. The K5 Pro easily handles any low or high impedance headphone, with a specially designed and tuned feedforward amplifier circuit design.

And not forgetting analog enthusiasts, the K5 Pro is thoughtfully designed with RCA line-in for robust and steady soundscapes. The RCA line-out signal can reach 2Vrms so it works flawlessly with active speakers and external amplifiers. When using the line-out, please disconnect headphones.


  • High-performance DAC: AK4493
  • USB decoding chip:XMOS XUF208
  • Specially-designed audio architecture: second-order LPF+analog volume adjustment + voltage amplification +current drive
  • Variety of inputs: coaxial/optical/RCA line-in
  • Variety of outputs:6.35mm (1/4 in.) headphone out/RCA line-out
  • Gain control: low, medium, and high gain
  • USB DAC:768K/32Bit and DSD decoding
  • RGB sampling rate indicator: blue/green/yellow
  • Extremely powerful, easily powers any full-size headphones

Pricing and Availability

FiiO K5 Pro is available immediately at $269 (including GST), and can be found at AV One, Connect IT, E1 Personal Audio, Headphones Singapore, Lazada (, Stereo Electronics,