Luxury Facials In My Own Home? Thanks LG Pra.L! (Part 2)

LG Pra.L Total Lift Care

Prevention before cure – A mantra that is familiar to us all, and one that I believe aptly applies to taking care of my skin as well. For the ladies, it might sadden you to know that our collagen production starts to decline from the time we turn 25, and this decline even intensifies once we reach the age of 40! The good news, though, is that LG Pra.L now offers two new devices equipped with cutting edge technology to help you target imminent wrinkles and sagging of skin.

Red LED Light Lifts From Within

LG Pra.L Total Lift Care

The first device to aid you in your journey of maintaining that plump, youthful complexion is the Total Lift Up Care. As its name might suggest, the device offers both Tightening and Lifting modes to completely target any aging concerns you might have.

Tightening mode boasts the use of high-frequency thermal therapy and red LED light to penetrate deeper into the skin, which then boosts the production of collagen. This results in more supple skin and a youthful glow.

Lifting mode stimulates multiple layers of skin tissues  and muscles with microcurrents to lift and tighten, which is ideal for users who are concerned about sagging skin. It works for even the chin and neck area. As a woman approaching the age of 50, my mom particularly liked using this mode to target her cheeks and décolletage area.

Exude Radiance in Nine Minutes

LG Pra.L Total Lift Care

Another item of particular interest in the LG Pra.L lineup would be the highly anticipated Derma LED Mask. This item had the strongest first impression on me as it resembled something from a Transformers movie, but it quickly turned out to be my favourite! Quick, easy and intuitive to use, nine minutes a day right after cleansing is all you need for 160 LED lightwaves to give your skin a makeover, bathing it in red light that boosts cell regeneration for firmer, brighter skin. I found the process highly comfortable, with eye shields that blocked out the harsh light for optimum comfort. 

Natasha with the LG Pra.L Total Lift Care

The battle in the beauty industry against aging is an endless one, but I think the LG Pra.L might just be your best bet. I think it’s extremely important for even younger women like me to start taking better care of our skin, and there’s no better way to start than checking out the new LG Pra.L lineup!