Luxury Facials In My Own Home? Thanks LG Pra.L! (Part 1)

LG Pra.L with Dual Cleanser and Galvanic Ion Booster

I still fondly remember when my skincare obsession first started. It was a trip to Seoul, where the tour guide introduced all of us curious Singaporeans to a warehouse sale for beauty products. I’d left the warehouse with a whole new arsenal of toners, creams and facial foams that promised to tighten pores and brighten my dull skin. I was fourteen years old, with my mind set on taking care of myself better.

Seven years later, I still religiously apply my moisturisers and serums with the hopes of continuously improving my complexion; but home care can only go so far. I’ve occasionally craved the luxury and reassurance I’d get from going to a facial spa and letting experienced aestheticians work magic on my skin, but it can sometimes be hard to find the time to go often if you’re working everyday or if you’re a student like me. 

This is primarily why LG Pra.L really stood out to me and piqued my interest: By promising a beauty solution that employs cutting edge technology to transform my skin from the comfort of my own home.

Banishing Blackheads with the Dual Cleanser

LG Pra.L with Dual Cleanser

Before I knew about the LG Pra.L Dual Cleanser, I used another automated cleansing brush which I liked enough. However, it always bothered me that little could be done to thoroughly clean the brush bristles in between use. The Dual Cleanser solves this with its nifty little cradle that not only charges the device, but sanitises the brush heads with UV light, putting my concerns regarding breeding bacteria to rest. 

Users can choose between two kinds of brush heads provided. One is made of silicone and is generally recommended for those with sensitive skin, while the fine fibre brush provides a deeper and more thorough cleanse. Personally, I found that the fibre brush helped to remove trace remnants of make-up even after using a cleansing balm beforehand. I also liked being able to bring it to the shower with me as the Dual Cleanser has been designed with this in mind!

Galvanic Ion Booster: Cleanse and Boost 

LG Pra.L with Galvanic Ion Booster

The Galvanic Ion Booster works with electric currents, ultrasonic waves, and thermal therapy to power two functions: Cleansing and Boosting. Its Cleansing mode is designed to first loosen your pores with its soothing, heated surface, then draws out impurities from your skin that may still remain even after washing your face. My favourite function has got to be Boost though! LG recommends using the Boost function with serums, emulsions or moisturisers, as the Galvanic Ion Booster uses ultrasonic waves to coax greater absorption. Its gently heated surface also serves to relieve facial tension and proves to be extremely soothing. This be incredible value for money by helping you make the most out of your expensive skincare products!

NXT Angel with LG Pra.L's Dual Cleanser and Galvanic Ion Booster

The Dual Cleanser and Galvanic Ion Booster have impressed me immensely with their advanced features and clearly show that the team have thoroughly considered what customers need to take their skincare regime to the next level. If this all sounds too good to be true, you’ll be delighted to know that there are two more amazing products in the LG Pra.L range that promise to help you achieve the fresh, glowing skin of a Korean celebrity. Stay tuned for more!