How the CabinZero Classic Pro Created More Room in My Life

Backpacking is one of those things that millenials like me love to do – hiking trips to see heart-stopping sunrises and long road trips to catch those breathtaking beaches. However, for a backpacking trip to be pleasant, one must first have a good bag that will never fail. Here is where CabinZero comes into play! With the aim of completely swapping out bags that break and leak during a travel, CabinZero created travelling backpacks that are light, strong, and stylish all at the same time. The CabinZero Classic Pro 32L is truly a backpack made by travellers, for travellers.

Zhimin with the CabinZero Classic Pro 32L

For Travellers and Busy People

Not only are these bags good for overseas trips, it works well with a hectic lifestyle. It is not uncommon to hear people around me complaining about not being able to find bags that are roomy yet stylish. People often end up using cute, stylish bags, and carrying a lot of things by hand instead. With the ultra light CabinZero Classic Pro, I never have to carry anything by hand anymore.

Besides being an editorial intern at NXT, I also take up other roles such as being an athlete and a pageantee for my hall pageant. All of these are reasons for my lack of sleep. On a typical day, I would be in the office by 11am, attending to pageantee stuff after work, and running the netball courts in the evening. The end of the day comes as I fall asleep on my bed, laptop in hand, still handling pageant work.

Zhimin with the CabinZero Classic Pro 32L

With a schedule like this, I have next to no time to rush home and get all required outfits and items I need. Thankfully, the new CabinZero Classic Pro always saves me from unnecessary cab fees and inconveniences. With this sleek bag, I get to travel everywhere, knowing that everything I need is in my bag; the laptop I need for work, the outfit I need for pageant, and the jersey I need for games. I never have to worry about forgetting something because I couldn’t fit it in my bag.

A Great Travel-Buddy!

Being the broke university student I am, I tend to scrimp and save every way I possibly can just so I have a little more to splurge on the trip itself. This includes cheap accommodations and cheap budget flights with no check-in baggage. However, this would mean that I have to be very cautious about the weight and size of the hand carry bag I want to bring along. Yet again, CabinZero comes to the rescue – the CabinZero bags meet most airline hand-carry specifications.

Zhimin with the CabinZero Classic Pro 32L

In addition, the padded laptop sleeve embedded in the bag is a great upgrade – now I no longer have to carry my laptop by hand! The new waist strap also helps relieve some weight from my already strained shoulders. These little upgrades from the Classic CabinZero really makes all the difference when I travel from one place to another. While some people might have qualms about carrying such a huge bag around, the new airmesh added to the rear improved the air flow system, making it so comfortable to carry around.

Thank you CabinZero for creating such thoughtful backpacks – now I don’t have to worry about my bags giving up on me when I travel nor do I have to worry about leaving things at home. I have the convenience of dumping everything into the organised compartments of my CabinZero Classic Pro 32L. I am loving the Navy-colored bag that I got to work with as well; it brings out the traveller in me!

Zhimin with the CabinZero Classic Pro 32L

Pricing and Availability

Available in four different solid colors and two different sizes (32L and 42L), CabinZero Classic Pro makes travelling so chic and easy. Retailing at $189, you can get yours at WINTER TIME, Outdoor Life, Urban Define and at the Adelphi outlets today!