Theragun Launches the Theragun liv – A New Portable Percussive Therapy Device

In an age where more people are getting active, it is inevitable that the number of exercise injuries would increase. In light of this, Theragun has launched their new product, the Theragun liv – a handy, lightweight and portable percussive therapy device. 

Theragun liv

Pain and Soreness Begone!

While its predecessor – the Theragun G3PRO – targets the professionals, the Liv is designed to be a professional-grade device that is suitable for the mainstream public as well. The dual-toned device comes with two unique liv attachments and a satin travel pouch, making it much easier to carry it around. Once fully charged, the device has a 45-minute life span. 

Woman using the Theragun liv

The compact and effective device only has one easy-to-use speed available: 40 percussions per second. With two unique Liv attachments available, users are able to change according to preference. The ergonomic handle also makes things so much more convenient by allowing one to simply float the liv over one’s muscle, easily massage every muscle possible. 

After a long and strenuous exercise, one would most likely experience pain, soreness and muscle aches – which are all signs of a good workout. The liv claims to be able to directly relieve pain at the source. It also aids in recovery, which will rid you of muscle aches sooner. In addition, because percussive therapy enhances relaxation and encourages restorative sleep, the liv allows users to feel revitalised if used daily to activate and fire up muscles.

Woman using the Theragun liv

This portable percussive therapy device will be available at Analogue+, ArmourUp Asia, Challenger,,Gadget Plus, Red Dot Running, SixFive, Sprint-Cass, and more of running & sports stores and consumer electronics stores, retailing at $499 now.