Samsung Expands Smart Monitor Lineup

Samsung introduced its newly expanded Smart Monitor lineup, providing consumers with more display sizes and design options, along with new and enhanced smart features. 

The lineup includes a larger 43-inch M7 (UHD resolution) model, delivering enhanced productivity and an immersive entertainment experience. The M5 (FHD resolution) models are now available in 24-inch, 27-inch and 32-inch displays, featuring a sleek design and a stylish new white colour option. The Smart Monitor offers integrated media and productivity apps, versatile connectivity, built-in speakers and a solar cell-powered remote control.

Smart Monitor M7 now comes in a larger 43-inch size that maximises productivity and enhances entertainment, wrapped in a borderless design that delivers an immersive experience whether working, learning or playing. Featuring a 4K Ultra-High Definition  (UHD) display, the 43-inch M7 can seamlessly switch functionalities, moving from a reliable work device to an instant 4K entertainment hub with built-in content streaming apps, speakers and HDR10 capabilities to optimise every detail of 4K content.  

The popular M5 model now comes in a sleek and stylish white design for both its 27- and 32-inch models. The new colour blends in perfectly with minimalist inspired designs and adds a finishing touch to any interior aesthetic, making it an ideal complement to a design-conscious user’s home.  

The M5 range now also comes in a new 24-inch Full HD form factor, making it the most accessible Smart Monitor in terms of size and pricing. The Smart Monitor’s compact sizing makes it ideal for those who may not have the desk space for a larger monitor or for consumers simply looking for a good value multi-functional monitor. 

Utilising the same features as the first-generation lineup, the Samsung Smart Monitor provides numerous connectivity options for both PCs and smartphones. Users can connect their personal mobile devices with just a quick tap using Tap View, Mirroring or with Apple AirPlay 2. In addition, Samsung DeX allows users to enjoy a complete desktop experience by connecting their monitor with their mobile device. The display also supports Microsoft 365 applications, enabling users to view and edit documents and conveniently save them on the cloud even without a PC connection, thanks to embedded Wi-Fi. For a clean workplace setup, the Smart Monitor offers plenty of ports, including a USB Type-C port, USB ports and Bluetooth 4.2 capabilities. 

The display can also transform into a complete entertainment hub with the ability for users to access OTT content and stream their favourite movies and shows on Netflix, HBO, and YouTube even without a connection to a PC or mobile device.

The new Smart Monitor lineup is available on the Samsung Online Store and major consumer electronics and IT stores.