The Three Best Games To Get For Your Gamer Dad

Give your gamer dad some gaming time in his mancave this Father’s Day! There’s something for any type of gamer dad – from casual to hardcore. Here are three suggestions for games on the PS4.

A screencap from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

For The Hardcore Gamer Dad: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Game: Digital Edition: $64.90

Blu-ray Edition: $69.90

If your dad is the epitome of patience, loves a challenge and/or is an avid fan of the Soulsborne games, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is right up his alley. The latest game in the arsenal of developers FromSoftware, Sekiro features a notoriously difficult learning curve that is just as rewarding – only if you master it.

The game follows the journey of Sekiro, a death-defying shinobi who seeks to rescue his lord, Kuro. Along the way, he uncovers the truth and price of Kuro’s heritage and the dark secrets that the breathtaking land of Ashina hides.

A screencap from Days Gone

For The Adventurous Dad: Days Gone

Standard Edition: $79.90

Digital Deluxe Edition: $97.90

For the dad who loves adventure and the rugged life, Days Gone is worth picking up. Scrappy action and engaging exploration go hand-in-hand in this open world game where you play as Deacon, a drifter and bounty hunter in a post-apocalyptic Oregon.

The game follows Deacon’s search for his missing wife, whom he was separated from two years ago when a global pandemic drove much of humanity insane. But it’s player freedom that makes the game truly memorable. Explore the land on Deacon’s trusty bike and fight through hordes of Freakers in caves; creep through the forest at night and find what Oregon has to offer – it’s a perfect escapade for your weary dad.

A screencap of Beat Saber gameplay

For The Groovy Dad: Beat Saber

Bundle with PSVR:$449

Swordplay marries rhythm games in the VR experience that is Beat Saber. For the dad who loves his jam and works out to good beats, Beat Saber will give him hours of fun! In this rhythm game with a twist, you hold two sabers – one in each hand – and you have to slice and dice blocks in specific directions and angles according to the beat of the music playing. But there are also bombs and barriers, which you’ll have to avoid and duck, or risk breaking your combo.

Beat Saber’s claim to fame is its emphasis on form. It’s not just a game about hitting boxes: the game rewards you for making the arcs of your cuts longer, and slicing a note box down or across its center. It’s time to practice and think about arm placements before swinging — and make sure dad’s got enough room to do some slicing.