Ecovacs Deebot Slim11 Review: Slim Sucker

Ecovacs makes a range of robot vacuum cleaners, the newest and slimmest of which is the DEEBOT OZMO Slim11. What’s so interesting about this comparatively small robo-vacuum is that it comes with a mopping feature, and though it does work on carpets we found that we really prefer using it for hard floors to simultaneously vacuum and mop.

DEEBOT OZMO Slim11 robot vacuum under a dresser

Setting up the Slim11 is relatively straightforward – unpack it from the box, snap on the ‘whisker’ brushes, plug in the base unit and then use the Ecovacs app to set it up with your home network (note that it is not compatible with 5GHz WiFi networks). Using the app you can access setup features such as vacuum power, floor mode, cleaning mode and cleaning schedule. For mopping simply attach the mop unit and fill up the detachable 250ml water tank – the Slim11 will automatically detect that the tank is in use and activate mopping mode. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration so you can turn it on or off with simple voice commands like “Hey Google, dock the DEEBOT”. There’s also a bundled remote control but we actually never used it.

While the Slim11 lacks the more sophisticated navigation and mapping sensors of the larger Ecovacs robot vacuums like the OZMO 900 it does do a pretty decent job and is able to clean a 10m square room in about 15 minutes, though it does it in a seemingly bumbling manner by frequently bumping into corners and table legs. It also has a stair safety sensor so you can use it in a multi-story home. The big advantage of its slim size and 5.7cm height is that it can get to hard to vacuum places under beds, tables, sofas and even office chairs and you’ll be surprised at the amount of dirt it can collect from under your bed. Once done, or out of power (running time is a good 100 minutes per 4-hour charge) the Slim11 automatically returns to its dock for recharging, and you can then take out and empty its dustbin.

DEEBOT OZMO Slim11 robot vacuum under a table


Rating: 4/5

The ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO Slim11 is a relatively basic robot vacuum cleaner that does a pretty decent job, and great for cleaning under beds and couches in small apartments and rooms.