NXT Angel Kristal Games on the Sony PlayStation Classic

“I used to play a lot of console games when I was a kid, like Mario Kart, and as I have two brothers I also used to play a lot of arcade racing games. These days I’m very casual with gaming, mainly on my smartphone, but I did try the PlayStation Classic on a PC monitor in the photographer’s studio and reckon its quite fun and easy to use if you want to play a retro console game for a bit of fun.

I’m actually not a very techy person and the last gadget I got was my smartphone for Christmas. I’m used to using iPhones, but I’ve heard about the cameras on the latest Huawei mobiles so I might swap to them the next time I change phones, which will be in a year or so! I’m actually not that hot at taking pictures, but l do have a best friend who helps me with my Instagram!”

I’m a student studying Business Administration in NUS and just in my first year. I’ve been doing a bit of travelling with my friends and last year I took part in the NUS Business Pagent, Jam ‘N’ Hop where I won the Dean’s Favourite category. You can find me on instagram @ kristhemao

Sony PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classic is a miniature gaming console 45% smaller than the original PlayStation console which its based-on, and comes preloaded with 20 legendary PlayStation games, including Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash!, R4 Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms. Connectivity is via a HDMI port so you can use the classic on any current TV or PC monitor, and power is via micro USB. Each console has two USB ports to connect your controllers to, so you can play two-player Ridge Racer Type 4 races.