Fitbit Inspire HR Keeps NXT Angel Natasha On Track

Let’s face it: Life can get pretty hectic sometimes. If you find it difficult to keep up with your health goals on top of work, family and friends, the Fitbit Inspire HR is the perfect little solution for you.

Stay Informed, Stay Motivated

As a busy university student who struggles catching a good amount of sleep or remembering to drink enough water day-to-day, the Fitbit Inspire HR has been an absolute god-send in helping me to stay healthy. The Inspire HR model exclusively features advanced sleep tracking, where it is even able to detect your sleep stages, and through this I realised that I had been getting less sleep than I thought. I’m also able to effortlessly log how much water I drink everyday into the nifty Fitbit smartphone app, and the goal-setting function keeps me motivated to drink enough water on a daily basis.

What’s more, with the Fitbit Inspire HR, I’m now able to know how many steps I take everyday or even every hour. This encourages me to meet my daily goals to stay active – it even gently vibrates on my wrist every to remind me to take at least 250 steps every hour so that I’m not constantly stagnant at my desk, and the little celebratory animations that are displayed when I meet my hourly goals are a cute touch!

Here’s a nice little surprise for the ladies: The Fitbit Inspire HR gives us the added benefit of tracking our cycles on the app, so that we are never caught off-guard again. How cool is that!

Know Your Body Better

With the Fitbit Inspire HR, I’ve learnt to manage myself in ways I previously never could. In the past, I have tracked the calories I consumed, but decided that it was a difficult habit to maintain as this information was not as useful as I thought since I did not know how my true daily calorie expenditure. With the Fitbit Inspire HR wrapped snugly on my wrist, I now have an idea of the number of calories I expend per day, which allows me to adjust what I eat in order to better maintain my current weight.

I personally adore the feature that allows me to track, not only my heart rate when I engage in my weekly exercises like spin and pilates classes, but also lets me monitor my cardiovascular health (which is stated as excellent. Yay!) and compare it across the data of others in my age group.

The Best Gift to Yourself

If your new year’s resolution was to take care of yourself better, then it’s not at all too late to take a huge leap closer towards your goal and treat yourself to the Fitbit Inspire HR. Easy to use and effortless to style, it is no doubt the perfect companion on your journey to a healthier self.