The Canon PIXMA TS8270 is Your Personal Nail Parlour at Home

Forget spending exuberant amount of money on manicure every month. You can pamper yourself with gorgeous nail art with the new Canon PIXMA TS8270 printer.

Wait, You Mean This Printer Can Print Nail Stickers?

 Canon PIXMA TS827

Yes, that’s right. Nail stickers aren’t new, and we can always find them at beauty stores, but printing your own at home is definitely a first. Canon is the pioneer of integrating beauty with technology, giving us the freedom to customise our nail art at the comfort of our own homes.

 Canon PIXMA TS827 printout

People imprint tattoos on their skin as daily reminders to themselves or as a symbol of their identity. For me, I would never risk doing something so permanent, so nail art is great as I can print that same sort of message and stick it on myself. And when I am sick of it, I can easily peel them off and replace them with a new set of nail art.

How It Works

As with every wireless printing from your smartphone you start by downloading a dedicated app for nail art – the Canon Nail Sticker Creator App. The app interface was very user-friendly and there was already a wide variety of predesigned templates, ranging from sweet floral designs to bold and colourful designs. I personally liked the designs that have brighter colours.

 Canon PIXMA TS827 printout

After choosing a design, I customised it by framing the images differently and adding emojis and text. There’s also an option to design from scratch, but be prepared to spend at least an hour on it if you’re a perfectionist.

I added my DJ stage name on some of the nails, VII, and I found it pretty cool to have something as simple as nail stickers to represent my identity.

 Canon PIXMA TS827 printout

Connecting the app with the printer was pretty seamless and the printing process was fast. Each pack of nail sticker papers have two sheets and they were pre-cut into six sizes. It took very little time to load the nail sticker paper into the disc tray and get the design printed and nicely aligned with the six sizes of stickers. I wish there were more sizes to choose from as the stickers could not fit one or two of my nails perfectly.

Vanessa with Nail stickers printed with Canon PIXMA TS827

After pasting the stickers on my nails, I buffed the excess portion away. The edges at the tip of the nails were a little rough, but it was only because I was a little impatient and should have buffed the nail stickers for much longer. To finish up the nail art, I painted a layer of transparent top coat so the print is more durable.

Ta-da! That was how I achieved nail art without visiting the nail parlour.