Lime Releases Year End Report Highlighting Benefits of Scooter and Bike Sharing

Lime released a end of year report offering a detailed look at the global impact of scooter and bike sharing in 2018.

Lime Scooters

Highlights from Lime’s 2018 Report Include:

  • 32% of all Lime riders reported traveling to or from dining or entertainment during their most recent trip. This demonstrates how Lime and scooter/bike sharing services are attracting people to local businesses and stimulating local economies.
  • 30% of riders reported that the last trip they took with Lime replaced a car trip. This shows that Lime and scooter/bike sharing services are leading people to use cars less, which could help alleviate traffic and congestion.
  • In major urban markets, 20% of riders reported using Lime to connect to or from public transport on their most recent trip, demonstrating Lime and scooter/bike sharing services are providing a first and last mile solution for people to connect with public transit.

Model on a Lime scooter

  • 34% of riders reported an annual income of $50,000 or less, which demonstrates that Lime and scooter/bike sharing services serve a diverse ridership, including communities that are under-served.
  • In US cities, a rider using Lime scooters, bikes or electric bikes in conjunction with public transit would pay, on average, 74% less than the cost of owning and operating a personal vehicle. This shows how riders are saving money by using Lime and scooter/bike sharing services instead of owning a car.