Review: Kioxia Exceria Plus G2 SSD is Packed with Performance

Kioxia Exceria Plus G2 SSDs use an 8-channel Toshiba TC58NC1201GST-00-BB brand controller. And DRAM-cache is represented by two Samsung DDR4-266 MHz chips, 4GB each. You can expect Mean Time Between Failure of 1,500,000 hours and Total Bytes Written of 400TB for the 1TB model under test.

The maximum speed is achieved through SLC caching: a small amount of memory runs in SLC mode to increase the speed. As soon as it runs out, the speed is significantly reduced. Based on synthetic tests, the drive mostly demonstrates the advertised performance.

CrystalDiskMark has shown the maximum read speed just above 3,400MB/s, and write speed just below 3200MB/s. In ATTO Disk Benchmark, the maximum read speed reached 3,210MB/sec and the maximum write speed was 2,970MB/sec, while AS SSD reached 3,000MB/sec and the maximum write speed was 2,700MB/sec.

The linear write test in AIDA64 shows that the volume of SLC-cache is about 30-40 GB, after which there is a drawdown. However, the write speed doesn’t drop below 900MB/s until the drive is full and on average stays around 1,200MB/s.

Technical Specifications:

Capacity 500GB, 1TB, 2TB
Max Sequential Read/Write Speed 3,400/3,200 MB/s
Max Random Read/Write Speed 680,000/620,000 IOPS
Interface PCIe Gen3 x4L / NVMe 1.3c
Form Factor M.2 2280-D3-M
Endurance Up to 800TB

We say:

As an SSD there’s little to complain. There is no doubt that we will recommend the KIOXIA Exceria Plus G2 for anyone looking to upgrade their PC with a new SSD. The KIOXIA SSD Utility is also very useful, allowing a one-stop access to the management of the SSD.