Panasonic is Ready to Take on the World with New Innovations

It’s been 100 years for Panasonic and after being a domestic powerhouse in Japan for over a century, the electronics giant is ready for more – starting with its cross-value innovation forum held at the end of October.

We were in Tokyo to experience this one-in-a-lifetime celebration of technological prowess as Kazuhiro Tsuga, President and Representative Director, introduced Panasonic’s 100-year lifestyle and how it will be beneficial for societies and businesses around the world.

Introducing a concept called “Lifestyle Update” business, Tsuga explained that while Panasonic has traditionally been in the business of “upgrading,” or improving the lives of individuals through home appliances and consumer electronics meticulously developed to completion, the company is now shifting to a strategy of providing “lifestyle updates.”

“We must understand in what way Panasonic can serve society,” Tsuga added.

To iterate Panasonic’s vision of “A Better Life, A Better World,” visitors to the brand’s general exhibition got a glimpse the history of the company and specific elements that advocated their ambition.

Specifically, there were integrated platforms of living, home appliances and houses; future housing concepts, personal mobility and smart town impressions; measures to create community-based electric mobility services; accessibility solutions for airports, facility spaces and live sports performance solutions; the Gemba Process Innovation initiatives that respond to different social issues; R&D and efforts to manufacture for the next 100 years; and plans to actualise their Environmental Vision 2050 which aims to conserve energy resources.

On top of all that, Panasonic unveiled the Next 100 which will heavily focus on collaborating with partners to build on new business activities. Herein, the brand will practice a new style of open innovation that incorporates external ideas and include the voices key business owners in their future work.

With the spotlight on digitisation and youth, an experimental futuristic district of Tokyo Shibuya 100BANCH will be set up to exhibit projects proposed by the young generation of creators.

These include a showcase of how passionate individuals take on social issues of the future with new business ideas using new technologies and services.

Watch Kazuhiro Tsuga’s full keynote speech below: