Use the Power of LG Truesteam for Safer, Cleaner Clothes and Dishes

Maintaining good household hygiene goes a long way towards improving one’s well-being. Home appliances play an important role in this regard because not only can they handle a lot of clothes and dishes at once, they free up time that can be used to do something else. One of the downsides of using machines to do the work that used to be done by hand is the amount of chemicals and detergents required to get clothes and dishes clean.

LG Truesteam Twin Washer

A Simple Cleaning Solution

LG has for years been developing technologies to get clothes and dishes cleaner while at the same time relying less on chemical detergents. One of these innovations is something that all of us can create easily at home with nothing more than water and heat – Steam.

Creating steam is the easy part, but harnessing it and applying it to home appliances is a far bigger challenge. However, LG engineers have managed to do just that, and with great success. In fact, LG holds several patents related to the implementation of steam in its appliances. Ultimately, the steam-enhanced performance of the company’s products benefits consumers with cleaner dishware and clothing for a more hygienic life at home.

LG uses powerful natural steam to remove bacteria, and germs, all while using less detergents that flow into our wastewater system. Featured in its dishwasher, Styler clothing care system, and washing machine, high-temperature TrueSteam is created directly in the appliance (using water boiled to 100 degrees Celsius) and dispersed to penetrate fabrics and cut through dirt and splattered food, not only removing stains you can see but also germs you can’t.

LG’s dishwashers apply TrueSteam to ensure spotlessly clean and hygienically safe dishware, glasses and utensils. The company’s natural sanitary solution eliminates common household bacteria. It eradicates almost all bacteria including those associated with food poisoning, while also making light work of crusted food residue and stubborn stains, achieving a minimum 99.999 percent when operated on the sanitizing cycle.

And TrueSteam is also behind the revolutionary LG Styler’s ability to clean users’ favourite garments. The Styler is recognized by trusted organizations such as the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) and the British Allergy Foundation (BAF) for its effectiveness at eliminating harmful allergens and germs. The clothing care system removes almost all germs and bacteria commonly found in clothing while also cleaning children’s plush toys, backpacks and more.

LG continues to expand its lineup of appliances equipped with steam, including the LG TWINLoad Smart Washing Machine (model F2721HTWV). Leveraging on TrueSteam technology, it activates Allergy Care to neutralize bacteria and allergens, and Steam Refresh to reduce unsightly wrinkles.