The Leica SOFORT Now Comes in a Sleek Black Design

Leica’s latest addition to their instant picture camera portfolio is a black version of the Leica SOFORT. Current models are available in White and Mint. All versions of the Leica SOFORT share the same signature look, but the black version has the product name “SOFORT” picked out in white lettering around the camera body to give it that extra class.


Harnessing Classic Leica Power for Instant Photography

The versatile Leica SOFORT is a great way to rediscover instant picture photography. The camera enables quick and easy access to photography together with the convenience and nostalgic factor of instant photos. 


The Leica SOFORT offers the modes Automatic, Party & People, Sport & Action, Macro, and various creative programme modes for multiple photos and timed exposures. It also comes with a programme for self-portraits and a self-timer with two different delays. To ensure the best results every time, the camera automatically adapts parameters such as the exposure time and aperture to the programme you have selected.

Flash triggering can either be left entirely to the automatic flash function of the camera, or you can turn it on or off manually depending on the type of pictures you want to take. To make things easier when shooting self-portraits, the Leica SOFORT also features a rectangular mirror in the front.