No More Blur Shots with the New FUJIFILM instax Square SQ20

Introducing the all-new FUJIFILM instax Square SQ20, a hybrid camera with “Motion Mode” that gives your subject all the freedom to move as you shoot. Instant photography has never been more dynamic.

Time – A Series of Moments


Just like Instastories, the SQ20 lets you take a 15-second video, and from there, you can grab your favourite moment by rotating the dial at the back of the camera and print it. You can top it off with 10 filters that can be used for movie shooting. My favourite? The Immerse filter that amplifies the colour contrast.

The “Motion Mode” doesn’t just stop there. Use the Sequence filter that creates a sense of action, and it really feels as if the Instax in your hand captured a video. It also adds a touch of whimsy and a dreamy effect to your pictures.

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Keep On Moving


Picture yourself as a dancer tossing your hair and spinning rounds and rounds and get your friend to use the Time Shift Collage function. It takes four images with a time lag just by pressing the shutter button once. A collage tells so much more about your movements and action than a single frame.

Get creative by shooting different images and compile them in a collage, divided irregularly. That means you get to shoot one awesome subject in several angles for a complete picture!

Playing with Lights


Ever night-photography pro will try a shot with light streaks, conventionally taken with cameras by adjusting to a slow shutter speed. With the Bulb Mode, you don’t need an expensive DSLR to try the same technique. This mode keeps the shutter open while it’s being pressed, allowing you to achieve the same beautiful effect for night photography.

Stay in Control of your instax


One of the biggest misconception about instant photography is the inability to edit your pictures before printing. With the SQ20, that is no longer a problem.

Before taking the shot, you can choose among three levels of vignette and many other degrees of brightness. You can even brighten your skin with the Skin Brightening filter. Make your instax interesting by using Partial Colours, which work for both movie shooting and still picture. Choose a colour you want to emphasise and the rest of the picture will be monochrome.

Feeling vintage vibes? I do, especially when I add a retro and film frames to my picture, and they look best with portraits.

Everything else you need to know


Fujifilm instax Square SQ20 is the first camera in the instax series that has the zooming function (4.0 x). Just like the instax Square SQ6, there is a mirror right beside the lens allowing you to check the shooting range and framing when you take selfies. The rest of the basic functions are inherited from the popular SQ10 that was launched just last year, an instant camera that revolutionised instant photography by incorporating digital image processing technology.

The camera internal memory holds up to 50 still pictures, and plenty more can be saved by using a MicroSD card. If you want to print multiple copies for a group of friends, you can reprint the latest 50 photos saved in the print history. It is also available in Beige and Matte Black.

Now the big question is, when can we get it? Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen, it’s 20 October 2018. For more information, visit the FUJIFILM website.