FUJIFILM Introduces Wi-Fi Printing for Creative Businesses

Already own a business (or planning to) that thrives on printing solutions? Then look no further than the FUJIFILM Wonder Print Station (WPS).

Say goodbye to those age-old methods of printing your keepsake photographs and move into the new world of Wi-Fi express printing that takes no longer than 60 seconds to complete a single print-job.

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FUJIFILM Wonder Print Station

The WPS system is ideal for businesses like photo retail shops, camera shops, gift shops, restaurants and cafes.

If you’re planning a wedding and/or birthday party, FUJIFILM’s new technology will enhance the attendees’ experience with its fast mobile-phone connectivity and huge range of stamps and graffiti features.

Printouts cover a large spectrum of capabilities are not limited to standard prints, split, designer, wonder shuffle, bordered, squares, photobooks, calendars, flat cards, business cards, photozines and wall decorations.

FUJIFILM Wonder Print Station

Add to that FUJIFILM’s Image Intelligence; which automatically compensates for poor lighting, backlighting and exposure issues, and the Image Organiser; which helps to easily sort out your photo library, you have a tool that will create more memories than an ordinary scrapbook.

The patented WPS can connect to a host of FUJIFILM printers inculding KIOSKs, the Digital Minilab, Phaser 6270 and the DE100.

For now, the WPS is only available for Android devices and it will be open to Apple iPhone users in March 2019.

FUJIFILM Wonder Print Station

Price packages for the FUJIFILM WPS and lab printers range from $4,800 to $9,600. For more information, visit the official website.