Vanessa Gets Creative with the New Canon PIXMA Printer

Shisen Hanten at Mandarin Orchard was fully decked out as I gave a presentation about my experience with the Canon PIXMA TS8270.

Vanessa Ho - Canon PIXMA

I got the privilege of trying out the printer for more than a week (I even had to wrap the huge printer box as I brought it back to my hostel due to its confidentiality). Playing around with the printer was so much fun as I tried out the creative new features and printed on different papers, like removable stickers and magnets.

Since you couldn’t be there at the event, let’s pretend that I’m doing another nerve-wrecking presentation, just for you.

Do you know what I miss a lot? The print culture. There’s something special about a photo hung on my wall or framed up on my desk. Since I just moved into hall, the Canon PIXMA TS8270 is like the art store I go to for decorative materials. The best part is that the materials I print would be like no other – stickers, magnets, and pictures of my friends. All these made my room feel more like a home. Crafts aside, nothing beats having a piece of paper in your hands. And I believe that even in your office, you can never completely do away with physical paper.

Vanessa Ho - Canon PIXMA

Canon knows what the Instagram culture is like (the only culture millennials like me spend hours on daily), and in December 2018, they will be dropping the 3.5” by 3.5” square photo paper, so we can crop the pictures like the way we do on Instagram. A lot of my neighbours have metallic photo grids hung on their walls, so I printed a group picture of us straight from Instagram for them.

I also enjoy printing on the removable stickers, where the paper has a cloth-like texture and can be pasted on different surfaces multiple times without tearing. I thought: why not customise my own laptop stickers? I printed a downsized version of my DJ poster and it became something that identifies with me as I spin.

Vanessa Ho - Canon PIXMA

The TS8270 is also perfect companion for personalising a birthday card. Simply throw in  pictures and add a frame in the app. And it doesn’t stop there – I can even print borderless A4-sized wrapping papers, origami sheets and scrap-booking materials too. There are 45 built-in templates, which can be selected on the printer screen itself. If you are thinking of printing borderless designs on A3 paper, you might want to check out the Canon PIXMA TS9570 instead.

Everything I mentioned above is possible with the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app – an app designed to streamline printing. I think this is extremely useful as most pictures we take are stored in our phones, and it makes printing so much more convenient. I can wirelessly connect my phone to the PIXMA and print pictures straight from photo gallery or my social platforms. Previously, I used the sticker templates to choose the size of stickers I want, and I can even shift the pictures on the template around.

Now there are countless of built-in templates to follow, so I don’t have to think too much about positioning and resizing my pictures. Another great feature is the ‘Your Items’ tab that lets me access templates I’ve used before.

Vanessa Ho - Canon PIXMA

As a double degree student, studying gets intensive, and for me, the most effective way to do it is via highlighting and annotating longhand. This is also why print culture will never die, as digital notes will never feel the same. Writing and flipping the pages really work for me. The printer’s Auto Duplex printing helps me save tons of paper (and the environment) too.

Vanessa Ho - Canon PIXMA

As girly as it sounds, I can’t deny that I enjoy doing a manicure. But honestly, I have no manicuring skills. The most fun feature of the TS8270 for me would be printing nail stickers. I can be as fickle as I want and change the designs as many times as I wish. All I have to do is to print, stick them on my nails, apply a top coat and remove whenever I want to. It doesn’t look flimsy or like a sticker at all, and it’s much safer than gel polish!

I tried Canon’s nail design app (to be launched in December 2018) which allows me to choose the patterns that match my outfit of the day, or customise a logo or name if I’m attending an event. These little touches are what you won’t expect people to notice!

Vanessa Ho - Canon PIXMA

After all that has been said, it boils down to this: Printing is not replaceable. It’s a process and an experience that’s enjoyable. It’s not just about printing notes and reports, but spicing things up with creativity at any age. Come and indulge with me in the fun 21st-century print culture with Canon.

The Canon PIXMA TS8270 is available now while the nail art app, nail template paper and 3.5-inch paper will be available in December 2018. For more details, visit the official Canon website.