Hey Siri: Show Me the Shortcut to Handsfree Travel with the Hotels.com Siri Shortcut

Almost a quarter of today’s global travellers use voice features to search and book travel, according to the Hotels.com Mobile Travel Tracker. Tapping into this growing trend, Hotels.com is now one of the first travel companies to unveil the Siri Shortcut functionality in its mobile app, as Apple unveils the new feature as part of the iOS12 release.

iPhone X Hotels.com Siri Shortcut

Travel Convenience, in a Single Phrase

The Hotels.com app has 70 million downloads worldwide, with the new Siri Shortcut feature available in 90 countries and territories in 40 languages. All you have to do is open your booking in the app, click the ‘Add to Siri’ button, then record a voice command that’s relevant to your stay.

When you arrive at your destination and want to know the address of your hotel, see a map of its location or find the check in time, you just need to repeat your voice command and Siri Shortcut will open your booking in the Hotels.com app.

iPhone X Hotels.com Siri Shortcut

The Hotels.com app is available in Apple and Android stores. It is available to download on iOS and Android and makes it easy to book travel, plus you get instant savings now, and earn free nights for later.