Lomography’s new Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! Teal 2.0 Takes Us Back In Time

Remember Lomography’s Sprocket Rocket back in 2011? It was a camera devoted to those who are old-school and love analogue sprocket holes. Good news – It has been given a funky makeover. Here comes the Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! Teal 2.0, a revamped camera donning a fun teal suit and stylish silver scrolling knobs. Who says old-school has to look boring?

Fall in Love with Analogue All Over Again

Nothing screams analogue and vintage like sprocket dotted snaps! Let your camera pepper your photos with gorgeous perforations across the entirety of a 35mm film. Each roll lets you shoot up to 8 panoramic pictures, and you can even choose different film rolls to take your snaps with. They come in black and white, colour negative, colour positive, red scale and more.  Believe it or not, it’s the world’s only camera designed to augment photos with sprocket perforations.

Film taken with the SUPERPOP Teal 2.0 camera

The wide-angle 30mm lens offers an impressive 106° field of view. But why stop there? Push the limits by rewinding the knobs and blend panoramas together, so you end up with a creative long frame. Capturing sweeping horizons and landscapes with an analogue camera has never been easier.

Exposure can be controlled by simply move the film back and forth by adjusting the dual winding knobs. You’re able to manipulate the Aperture to some degree as well, choosing between f/16 and f/10.8.

Film taken with the SUPERPOP Teal 2.0 camera

If light leaks and colour splashes are the unique touches you are looking for in your snaps, then keep the Sprocket Rocket SUPERPOP! Teal 2.0 in mind. Plus, Lomography cut the price of the camera by a massive $40, so there’s no reason to not get it if you’re a big fan of analogue.

Available at shop.lomography.com/en at S$108.