Samantha Pops By With The PopSockets Grip

NXT Angle SamanthaI’m looking forwards to starting my university degree, but in the meantime I work as a fit model for Love, Bonito as well as tutoring. You can find me on Instagram (@samanxha) but I like to keep my account private.

I like to use accessories with my phones, mostly plain cases as I like to keep things simple, though I’ve used rings before. I’ve tried the PopSockets Grips and I think its pretty fun. I actually though it attaches permanently but its not, you can remove it and reattach it. It doesn’t look obvious when fixed on my phone but I do like how it pops in and out and how it turns my phone into a fidget spinner! I always drop my phone so it does improve my grip, especially when I’m taking selfies – I’d hate to drop my phone off a bridge like some people have done! Oh and another thing is that the PopSockets Grip actually helps hold my phone in place when I tuck it into my short’s waistband

For the World Cup I’m supporting Argentina, so the PopSockets Grip with the Argentinian flag looks good. The team’s quite experienced and just lost to Germany in the last World Cup Final, so hopefully they’ll win this year!


PopSockets Grip

Popsockets Grips

These stylish and durable PopSockets Grips have the flags of various countries on them. They’re great for commemorating a trip you loved, to show your support for your favorite World Cup team, or just to tell people that your heart truly belong somewhere else.