Too Many Clothes to Wash? Try Washing Two Loads at Once with the New LG TwinWash

LG Styler S3WF

Because doing the laundry is still extremely painful, LG has launched a new line-up of TWINWash washing machines, dryers and the LG Styler. This total laundry system provides a solution for each step of the laundry process which will help to make household chores much easier. These solutions are also Wi-Fi enabled and can be connected to their SmartThinQ app, so you can do your laundry remotely like a boss.

Today, let’s take a look at the LG TWINWash.

The LG TWINWash, For Double The Washing

The LG TWINWash washing machines maximize convenience by making it possible to wash two loads of laundry at once using one main washer and a mini washer. The TWINWash offers cool new features such as TrueSteam and TurboWash. TrueSteam technology penetrates fabrics with steam to eliminate 99.9 percent of household allergens as well as wrinkles and odors. TurboWash shortens washing cycle time so you can sleep earlier.

Twice the ease with twice the help

Something for Every Home

The new series consists of smaller-capacity models that can cater to the laundry needs of various kinds of homes. The smaller-capacity models include washer-only and washer-dryer, with capacities of 8kg, 9kg, 8/5kg and 9/6kg. These main units can be paired with the 2kg mini washer, which is perfect for handling small loads, delicate or separate items such as lingerie, baby clothes and gym wear.

The sleek F2721HTWV

Other than the new smaller capacities, the washer-dryer models FG1410H3W and FG1612H3W boast 10/7kg and 12/8kg front-loaders respectively, so larger families can still enjoy the benefits. These models can also be paired with a mini washer.

Washer-Dryer model FG1410H3W

For multigenerational families or families with even larger loads of laundry to wash (you poor things!), washer-dryer models F2718RVTV (18/10kg front-loader) and F2721HTWV (21/12kg front-loader), together with the 3.5kg mini washer T2735NTWV, make an ideal choice.  

Easy to store and still easy to get clothes cleaned with the T2735NTWV