The Logitech G560 and G512 Gives You the Ultimate Gaming Experience

The Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker is the first dedicated gaming speaker system with advanced Logitech G LIGHTSYNC, a technology that synchronizes both lights and sounds to gameplay. Joining the speaker is the new Logitech G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard . The Logitech G512 also features LIGHTSYNC RGB, provides the choice of two Romer-G mechanical key switches and comfortable experience.

Logitech G560 and G512

The Most Immersive PC Gaming Speaker Ever

Hear every detail as game designers intended. The Logitech G560 provides 240 Watts Peak/120 Watts RMS power, which delivers amazing sound for both music and games, and 3D audio with DTS:X Ultra 1.0 for in-game positional audio. Together this improves accuracy, heightens intensity and realism, and gives you a more immersive and fun experience.

Powered by advanced LIGHTSYNC technology, the Logitech G560 synchronizes brilliant RGB lighting and powerful audio in real time to match on-screen gameplay action. Light and animation effects can be customized across approximately 16.8 million colors, with four lighting zones. The Logitech G560 features multiple connection options including USB, 3.5mm and Bluetooth. This combined with built-in Logitech Easy-Switch™ technology enables you to switch easily between any four connected devices such as a PC, smartphone and tablet, so you can listen to your favorite playlist off your phone while playing a PC game.

LIGHTSYNC Powered Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech G512 takes keyboards to the next level with RGB lighting and LIGHTSYNC support. The keyboard offers the choice of two Logitech G exclusive Romer-G mechanical key switches, Romer-G Tactile and Romer-G Linear. The tactile version provides soft tactile feedback during actuation for gamers who prefer direct feedback, while the linear version gives you a smooth keystroke. All Romer G keys offer fast and quiet performance and is more reliable and durable than standard mechanical switches. The switches actuate up to 25 percent faster than most other mechanical keyboards to provide near-instant responsiveness.