PopSockets Pops Its Way Into Singapore

PopSocket Grip held up with ice creams

Everybody knows the eternal struggle of the magical tangling earbuds, right? It’s magical, mysterious, and most of all, incredibly annoying. Well, one enterprising man took that frustration, and turned it into PopSockets, through the power of Kickstarter and the universal earbud frustration experience.

More Than Just An Earbud Solution

Two women taking selfie with PopSocket Grip on phone

Right off the bat, it’s pretty clear that the PopSocket Grips are perfect for keeping your earbuds tangle-free. That’s what they were meant to do from the start, after all. All you gotta do is wind your earbuds around the knobs to keep them in place and impossible to tangle.

PopSocket Grip on desk

Now though, the PopSocket Grips are more than just about earbuds. These multi-functional phone accessories can be used to stabilise selfie shots or act as a kickstand for watching YouTube. They can even let you mount your phone on walls and cars for easy viewing!

And if you’re into the competitive mobile gaming scene, you can use two PopSocket Grips to make a nice solid grip for you to hold onto. Now you don’t have to worry about your phone slipping around while you score that headshot in PUBG!

Person holding PopSocket Grip with tea and book

And the best part? They’re all bound to make your phone look even more Instagram perfect than ever before. Just look at them!

Kickstarted To Commercial Success

David Barnett, the man behind PopSockets, was actually a philosophy professor when he came up with this brainchild. His original idea – an iPhone case with two knobs to wind his earbuds around – launched on Kickstarter in 2012. Two years on, the simple earbud solution has become a multi-functional commercial success.

PopSocket Grip against floral background

PopSockets, or rather, PopSocket Grips, may have started out in Barnett’s garage, but they’ve made their way to the phone covers of the rich and famous over the past few years. Celebrities like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Fifth Harmony, Serena Williams, Gigi Hadid have all been seen touting these on their phones.

Three people watching phone using PopSocket Grip

Even Olympic-medallist Michael Phelps has been seen with a PopSocket Grip!

Next Step: Asia!

The company sold over 35 million PopSocket Grips and Mounts in 2017, and is well on track to double that number to 70 million this year. With that in mind, the company is following on its success in North America and Europe, and expanding to Asia, with a regional office now in Singapore.

PopSocket Grip on notebook with headphones

With the launch here, over 100 different designs of the PopSocket Grip will now be available at leading retailers. You can get them at places like BHG, Harvey Norman Millenia Walk, iSTUDIO, Kinokuniya, Popular, and TANG’S Vivocity.

In addition to the various original designs, there are also licensed designs from well-known franchises. Justice League, Marvel, and Harry Potter fans can now declare their passion for the franchises in a whole new way.

Bling Your Phone Up

PopSocket Grip Crystals From Swarovski collcetion in rose gold

Also available is the recently launched Crystals From Swarovski collection, with only 3,000 pieces available worldwide.

PopSocket Grip Crystals From Swarovski collection

These shiny and exclusive pieces come with unique serial numbers, so each one is special. They’re already sold out in the States! They are also available in limited quantities here, so keep an eye out!

In May 2018, there will also be a whole new range of PopSocket Grips made of premium materials like Vegan Leather, Metallic Saffiano, and Iridiscent Snakeskin.