Peek the Smallest True Wireless Earbuds – JLab JBuds Mini

With the global launch of JLab’s JBuds Mini, JLab is setting new standards by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of earbuds. One common gripe among users of true wireless earbuds is the struggle to find a secure and comfortable fit, a concern especially pronounced for those with smaller ears.

Addressing this issue head-on, the JBuds Mini is designed to deliver a snug and comfortable fit, tailored especially for smaller ears. Remarkably, it’s 30% smaller than JLab’s highly acclaimed GO Air POP earbuds, and its charging case stands out as smaller and lighter than the top competitors on the market, including Apple’s third-generation AirPods. Come September 1st, 2023, when the JBuds Mini hits the market, it will mark the first time JLab unveils a new product globally. Up until now, JLab has typically introduced new products in North America first, with distribution in other regions following several months later.

The JBuds Mini is the ideal audio companion for those who want a device that adds minimal bulk to their pockets and bags, with a case smaller than most common car key fobs. The charging case measures just 2.08″ × 1.38″ × .94″, making it 50% smaller than the case included with JLab’s GO Air Pop. Each earbud weighs a mere 3.3 grams, and the charging case tips the scales at 18.5 grams. Despite its featherweight build, the JBuds Mini competes strongly in the fiercely competitive true wireless market.

Despite its diminutive size, the JBuds Mini doesn’t compromise on the features and modern audio technologies synonymous with JLab’s products. Each earbud boasts noise-cancelling microphones, paired with 6mm dynamic neodymium drivers, ensuring an exceptional audio experience. The JBuds Mini offers an impressive total playtime of 20+ hours, with each earbud independently providing 5.5+ hours of playback. Its dual connect technology allows you to use either earbud individually, and Bluetooth Multipoint simplifies switching between devices without the hassle of repeated pairing.

Win Cramer, CEO of JLab, stated, “The goal with the JBuds Mini was to drastically reduce size and weight without sacrificing the remarkable value that JLab infuses into every product. With the JBuds Mini, we not only achieved our goal of creating the smallest true wireless earbud on the market but also retained all the features without causing any sticker shock in terms of price. Furthermore, it boasts the most portable case ever created, complete with a keychain for seamless integration into your daily life – almost imperceptibly.”

The JBuds Mini’s touch controls offer users the convenience of pausing and resuming audio, answering calls, activating the Be Aware setting to allow external sounds, or switching between EQ presets. Additionally, the JBuds Mini can be customized further using the JLab App, which provides control over EQ settings and touch commands. With three different-sized pairs of gel ear tips, finding the perfect fit is a breeze.

The JBuds Mini will debut in five attractive colours: mint, sage, pink, aqua, and black. JLab’s Jbuds Mini is currently retailing at $89 and can be found at Lazada and Shopee.