Smarten Your Home with Smart Blinds From mc2 – Singapore’s First Smart Blind Fashion Gallery

mc2 smart blinds fashion gallerymc2 has launched Singapore’s first ever smart blind fashion gallery, designed to be a one-stop shopping space where you and your ID can buy a wide variety of home fashion products. mc2 will look at the layout of your home and recommend the best configuration of smart blinds, get them from the supplier for you, and install them. The smart blinds that we checked out at the launch event had some fascinating tech behind them, and here we’re going to highlight two of the most interesting ones.

ALTEX SecureZIP Blinds: Automatically Keep Rain and Insects Out

Altex Securezip blindsALTEX’s SecureZIP Blinds automatically seals your balcony at the press of a button, and protects your home from rain, dust, sunlight, insects, and other undesirables. When the blinds are down, there are absolutely no gaps between the fabrics and channels. This also has the additional bonus of keeping air-conditioning in, which is super important for polar bears like me. The complete separation of the balcony gives you a lot of flexibility in how you want to use your floor space. For example, you can use the balcony for yoga, or for a romantic dinner. There is a rain sensor as well that you can enable to automatically seal your balcony off when it rains. Super neat!

Lower Blinds While Outside with Hunter Douglas’ Blinds

Hunter Douglas BlindsHunter Douglas is one of the big names housed in the new showroom. You’ll get to touch and feel the blinds they offer, as well as see their high-tech solutions in action. Since their blinds are automated, people with children at home can choose to have completely cordless blinds to prevent accidents and damage. All the blinds in your home can be controlled from their app on your phone, and you can even choose precise angles of adjustment to your liking. You can also do this while you’re at work, just in case you suddenly realised you forgot to close your blinds on a sunny day. Finally, the blinds also work with Alexa or Google Home to automatically detect changes in sunlight and weather, automatically closing or opening your blinds based on your customisation. A truly smart home!