The New Plantronics BackBeat FIT and BackBeat GO Headphones Let Runners and Travelers Listen to Things that Truly Matter

Plantronics recently had its most expansive product launch to date, with five products across the BackBeat FIT and BackBeat GO lines. These deliver new, immersive audio experiences, so you can listen to and enjoy what matters most to you.

Model for Plantronics using fitness equipment with BackBeat FIT headset

The BackBeat FIT 3100: Exercise Safely

Runners, fitness enthusiasts and active people of all stripes should put the new BackBeat FIT 3100 on their wish lists. This headset delivers excellent audio quality and uniquely boasts the Always Aware feature that enables outdoor enthusiasts to hear important sounds like taxi horns, barking dogs, or screeching brakes over their music during their workout. These true wireless headsets have soft, flexible earbuds that actually fit and hold comfortably no matter the activity, so they’re durable, safe and stylish.

BackBeat FIT 3100 in black

The BackBeat GO 410: Travel in Peace

For travelers dealing with noisy airplanes, airports, or public transportation, Plantronics is launching the BackBeat GO 410 earbuds. Travel can be exhausting, loud and very distracting, but the comfort and calm of Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphones have been priced out of reach for too many.

BackBeat GO 410 in black

Now, the BackBeat GO 410 provides a discreet comfort using a flexible neckband design, with up to 8 hours of extended battery life and ANC in a sleek form factor at an unexpectedly affordable price. You can block out your chattering seatmate or the chimes and pings of a game played on a mobile device in the row behind you on daily commutes or 10-hour flights.

Additional Headsets Introduced

BackBeat FIT 2100 in black

The BackBeat FIT 2100 is the newest version of the BackBeat FIT. The new 2100 improves a person’s experience with the Always Aware design.

BackBeat FIT 350 in Greyblue

The BackBeat FIT 350 delivers another wireless wearing style option for gym-goers with stability and up to six hours of listening time – optimized for situations where you want to hear your music and not the grunting of the power lifter nearby.

BackBeat GO 810 in black with bag

The BackBeat GO 810 are wireless, over-the-ear headphones that pack up to 28 hours of listening time for commuters and travelers, so you can focus on what matters amidst the clamor of an airport, an airplane, bus, or MRT.

Headset in a cup of water to prove its waterproof resistance

The new BackBeat FIT 3100, BackBeat FIT 350, BackBeat GO 810 are now available in major retailers such as Challenger, Harvey Norman, Best Denki, TANGS, Robinsons, Changi Airport, and authorized retailers. The BackBeat FIT 2100 and BackBeat GO 410 will be shipping in November 2018, in time for the holiday shopping season.

People checking out products at the Plantronics BackBeat event