Fujifilm XA-5? More Like Fujifilm X-tra Awesome

Fujifilm announced the newborn in the X series – the XA-5, a feature-packed mirrorless camera that is much faster than its predecessor. The camera retained its iconic retro design, but other than that, the specs are vastly upgraded from the XA-3 (four is skipped because of the Asian’s tetraphobia). It boasts a newly developed image processing engine, making it 1.5 times faster than the XA-3.

For capturing moments you do not want to miss, you will be relieved to know that the Intelligent Hybrid AF speed is two times faster now. Other improved features include colour reproduction performance and more accurate scene recognition in the SR+ Auto mode, the mode we rely on for simple pictures. The cherry on top is the phase detection pixels initially designed for higher-end models. It reduces camera shaking and noise to enhance the image quality of a fast-moving object.

Better, Faster, Stronger

Fujifilm XA-5

The X-A5 boasts the same powerful 24.2MP sensor, but with the complements of a brand new lightweight wide-angle zoom lens, you can take the sharp and well-composited pictures with less effort. The smooth electric zooming mechanism lets you take close-ups from a mere 5cm onwards and gives you more freedom in composition framing. Another highlight is the travel-friendly battery life of 450 photos per charge.

With our image-conscious culture, it is no surprise that Fujifilm enhanced the self-portrait function with the Eye AF that effectively creates a sharp focus on your eyes. You can save the trouble of finding the dial as it activates instantly when the tilting screen is flipped up. It does not end there. Fujifilm pampers us with another beautifying feature: three variations of skin tone enhancement. No more pallid-looking portrait shots!