Be as Stylish as Bruce Wayne with the Romain Jerome Skylab Batman

Every man dreams of becoming Batman – our favorite dark, brooding, caped crusader who forged his own array of superpowers. We all root for Batman not just because he’s cool as hell, but because he’s able to go toe-to-toe with other superheroes despite just being an ordinary guy. Now, you can wear one of the most stylish Batman-themed accessories in existence – The Romain Jerome Skylab Batman timepiece. You’re gonna need deep pockets like Bruce Wayne to get one though – there are only 75 pieces in the world.

Romain Jerome Skylab Batman

Sleek as the Batmobile

The Skylab Batman utilizes the brand’s distinguishable Skylab model, with transparency dominating much of the timepiece. The 48mm case features a Swiss Made manual winding movement designed by RJ and characterized by straight lines and chamfered angles.

The sapphire crystal on the dial side reveals the three-layers skeleton movement as
well as the vital organs of the watch, the barrel at 12h and the balance wheel at 6h. At the center of the dial, we can perceive the familiar Batman logo blending in with the architectural mechanism.

The subtlety of the Skylab Batman timepiece does not just lie within the stealth and central logo. Turning it around, you’ll find that the map of Gotham City has been metallized onto the back sapphire crystal glass. Looking into the dial, this gives the effect of Batman  overlooking Gotham City.

The coolest thing about this timepiece is that when darkness comes, the bat signal shines blue to echo the previous Batman models as well as The Dark Knight trilogy aesthetics.