Direct a Home Blockbuster with the LG V30+

LG introduced an upgrade to its popular V30 smartphone with the LG V30+. It’s one of the lightest phones you can find on the market, weighing in at only 158g. Not only is it lighter, but it’s also slimmer and smaller than its predecessor to make it nicer to hold and keep in your pocket.

LG v30+

Film Movies Right From Your Pocket

The LG V30+ has the usual awesome camera, with a F1.6 aperture Crystal Clear Lens so that you can take those bright and dynamic shots to add to your Instagram page. It’s supported by Optical Image Stabilization, Electronic Image Stabilization, and Hybrid Auto Focus. If you don’t understand what any of these mean, it’s ok. They basically help you take nice and clear pictures even if you’re a terrible photographer like me.

What makes the camera function of the LG V30+ truly magical is the Cine Video mode. It allows anyone to shoot videos like a pro. There are filters such as a Blockbuster one to make your movies look like something taken straight out of Transformers (robots not provided though). Or if you prefer to go a more romantic route, try the filter that makes everything take on a 500 Days of Summer feel. If you’re shooting your colleagues at work, there’s also a nice little filter that makes your video look like a horror flick.

In Cine Video mode, there’s also a nice little function called Point Zoom. This lets you zoom in on specific sections of your frame, so that you can do those cool slow zooms on your friend’s unglam face. Jokes aside, it allows for really nice memories, like zooming in on a birthday kid for example. It’s a really nice effect that I wish more smartphone cameras had.

LG v30+

One for the Audiophiles

This section is full of jargon, so if you’re not an audiophile you can stop reading or you’ll be really bored. The LG V30+ enhances LG’s Hi-Fi Quad DAC with new digital filters and sound presets. The digital filters modify the pre and post-ringing of the impulse response. A pre-programmed preset allows you to easily find the sound experience that best suit your taste.

The LG V30+ is also the first smartphone in the world to support Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) technology that enables the streaming of high-resolution audio. MQA captures the sound of the original studio master and folds it into a small file to make high-resolution audio easy to stream.

Finally, if you register your interest with LG anytime from now till 17 November, you get a swanky pair of Beoplay H3 earphones worth $229 with purchase of the phone at authorised retailers. Don’t say we never jio you.