Million Dollar Views with the Canon EOS 800D

By Ash Hashim / @Futbolita

They say that photos can make or break your trip, and I certainly had this thought in mind last August when I arrived in Greece. Famed for its breathtaking beaches, sprawling islands, and cliffs, it was a place begging to be explored and photographed. Armed with the Canon EOS 800D, I set out on my adventures in Santorini Island. With its excellent image quality and generous three-inch touchscreen, the camera is perfect for travellers.

While Santorini may be as cliché as it gets when it comes to Greek tourism, there’s no denying the fact that the iconic blue roof is begging to be photographed. Renting a quad shuttles you conveniently around the island, from the sandy beaches to the city centre, in under 20 minutes. But when you’re travelling as a woman, there’s always that extra pressure to take perfect photos of your experiences.

Santorini’s scenic landscapes meant that I had to make a photo “pit-stop” almost every few minutes. And one could argue that a camera like the EOS 800D with its higher maximum native sensitivity setting was ready to capture the skyline of Fira in all its glory. For DSLR standards, the camera is both lightweight and compact and its speedy Live View AF performance makes it easy to use. The camera’s Bluetooth function allows almost instant pairing with your mobile phone, which makes it perfect for those Insta stories and posts.

When I look back at photos from the trip, it seemed like a far and forgotten land you can only see in fairy tales.

Lucky for me, I had it all captured behind a lens.

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