The Fitbit Ionic is the Fitness Buddy We All Need

The Fitbit Ionic has made it’s debut, and it’s really something. It’s the company’s first smartwatch, and it’s designed to be a fitness buddy that monitors you and keeps you going 24/7. And it’s able to do that easily with a long-lasting battery that gives you five days of juice on a full charge.

Girl wearing Fitbit Ionic

Waking Up: How Did I Sleep Last Night?

The Fitbit Ionic has an advanced sleep tracker that monitors various stages of your sleep, helping you understand whether you had a good night’s rest or not. It automatically tracks time spent awake/asleep, as well as the time you spent in light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep. This is important because the different sleeping stages contribute to different facets of your mental wellbeing. Deep sleep, for example, aids in muscle recovery, while REM sleeps gives you the mental freshness that you require to stare all day at a computer screen at work.

Woman wearing Fitbit Ionic working out

Let’s Get Moving

Aside from the usual steps tracker that comes with every Fitbit, the Ionic has two functions that are incredibly useful for keeping you fit. First is the heart rate monitor. The Ionic is able to constantly give you your heartrate in bpm (beats per minute), whether you’re moving around or staying still. It makes special mention of your resting heart rate, because this is the most telling sign of your fitness level. By tracking the rise and fall of your resting bpm, you’ll be able to monitor whether you’ve been working out effectively.

The second function is the Coach. There are full workout packages that will guide you to get well-rounded exercise, and these are all displayed right there on your watch face. No need to fumble around with your phone and drip sweat all over it. We’re all lazy people and need that little push to workout, so this is a really useful function.

Man using Fitbit Ionic to pay

Man I Forgot To Bring My Wallet Out Again!

Finally, the Fitbit Ionic introduces Fitbit Pay. If it’s not already obvious from the name, this lets you pay for stuff with your watch. You don’t need a special terminal – any cashier that accepts stuff like FlashPay or PayWave will accept using your watch as payment. Well, not literally – you don’t hand over your watch in exchange for that cup of coffee. All you need to do is to hold a button on the watch, and just tap.

Just imagine how impressed your date will be when you pay for dinner with your watch.