Get Into The Fall Lomography Mood With The Lomo’Instant Oxford And The Lomo’Instant Yangon

Lomo'Instant Oxford and Lomo'Instant Yangon

This fall, Lomography welcomes two new additions to its Lomo’Instant family. Say hello to the Lomo’Instant Oxford and the Lomo’Instant Yangon!

Oxford Or Yangon? Which Will You Pick?

Named after two beautiful cities rich in their own history and culture, the Lomo’Instant Oxford and Lomo’Instant Yangon are both incredibly gorgeous additions to the Lomo’Instant line.

Lomo'Instant Oxford front view

The Lomo’Instant Oxford comes in a rich olive green which, combined with the silver edging, gives the entire affair a very classy, analogue feel. The green is also reminiscent of long evenings walks along the Thames, just right to get you into the Lomo mood.

Lomo'Instant Yangon front view

On the other hand, the Lomo’Instant Yangon comes in warm rose gold, reminiscent of the beautifully preserved glittering domes and pagodas that spread over the ancient city. The fusion of the history-rich aesthetic with the modern technology of the Lomo’Instant line is truly magical.

The Most Creative Instant Camera

Lomo'Instant Yangon against red cloth with flower petals and photos

With three different shooting modes, and an impressive 27mm built in wide-angle lens, these new editions are perfect to reignite your passion for Lomography as the year comes to a close. The cameras also come with an auto flash shooting mode, making it easy for you to switch between manual and automatic shooting modes.

Instant Lomograph photo

For those who want to capture perfect memories with loved ones, the cameras also come with tiny built in mirrors. No more accidentally leaving someone out of the group-selfie. If you’re the experimental kind, you can tint up your shots with four Color Gel Flash Filters! Time to remake your world into the colours you’ve always wanted them to be.

And if you get the Combo package, you can add new panache to your shots with lens attachments! There’s really no end to how creative you can be.

Perfect Gifts For The Festive Season

The Lomo’Instant Oxford and Lomo’Instant Yangon are both now available. You can get them either as single packages, or in a combo package with the lenses.