Sony Xperia Touch Review: Project Your Imagination

If I were to tell you about the Sony Xperia Touch, you’d think it was some crazy experimental prototype that Sony is working on. A tiny projector that can turn any surface into a touchscreen Android device? Doesn’t sound feasible at all. Yet Sony has achieved the impossible and delivered a product that does exactly that.

Sony Xperia Touch

Any flat surface, be it your table or your wall, can become an interactive touchscreen. You’ll have access to the entire Google Play store as per any standard Android device. So, you can play Mobile Legends on your table, play a digital piano on the wall, or collaborate with a team to sketch out ideas on a screen. The possibilities are endless.

The Xperia Touch does all of these things pretty flawlessly. It’s just as powerful as a typical tablet, so you can expect app performance to be on par. The only real complaint we have is that the display is not very bright, so you’d have to be in a pretty dimly lit area to use it fully. It’s not a real downside specific to this product though, as all projectors face this same issue.

With a height of 134mm, it’s not the most portable device so you can expect to leave it at home or in the office. Thankfully, the device is clearly designed for home and office use, and it thrives in these environments. It’s a great learning aid for your children at home, and is perfect for flipping through digital recipe books without getting the device dirty. In the office, it’s a godsend for teams that work collaboratively often. Despite its bulk, it’s also small enough for people like teachers to bring it around with them from class to class to deliver presentations with.

While the applications are exciting and endless, the price point of the Xperia Touch unfortunately means that it won’t be for everyone. If you typically use a tablet, you’d probably stick with it or buy a new tablet instead of an Xperia Touch. However, for people whose needs align with what it has to offer, the Xperia Touch is a match made in heaven.


Rating: 4/5

At this price point, the Sony Xperia Touch might not be for everyone. However, because it’s such a unique and innovative product, it is a godsend for people who need something like this.


What’s in the Box?

Curious about what you’ll get when you buy the Xperia Touch? Our unboxing video will show you!