Having a Blast at NXT’s 2nd Tech Night Out

We had our second NXT Tech Night Out on 15 August at Fabrika, and everyone had an amazing time. And of course, our beautiful Angels were on hand to showcase the latest gadgets and toys, and mingle with the guests.

A big thanks to everyone who came down! If you missed out on this event, don’t worry. There’ll be a Tech Night Out every Tuesday night at Fabrika. Do follow us on our Facebook Event Page to keep up to date with the schedule.

Shooting up a Storm

Participants had the opportunity to test out two of Canon’s latest DSLRs – the EOS 800D and the EOS 77D. Everyone also had a chance to take photos with our Angels using these latest cameras. Our Angels also shared with guests the functions and differences between these two cameras, and the guests shared their own knowledge as well, so it was a great learning session.

Listening to the Beat

Sennheiser’s HD 4.40BT, HD 4.50BTNC, and Momentum In-Ear headphones were on parade. Our Angels had a fun interactive session with guests and the headphones, and everyone got to try out these powerful new audio devices. Participants could really feel the difference between a generic pair of headphones and Sennheiser’s offerings, and feedback was overwhelmingly positive.