Razer Phone 2 Review: Gamer’s Mobile

Even before you unbox the Razer Phone 2, you’ll know it’s a premium product just by holding the packaging in your hands. The matt finish flip-open box keeps the sleek 5.72-inch phone snug under a piece of paper containing a special message from the Razer CEO.

Gaming on Razer Phone 2

The first things you’ll notice about the phone are the large speakers on either side of the screen. We thought it was a tad too big, but once you start gaming, watching movies or blast tunes from them, you’ll appreciate the speakers despite the size. Sound is stereo and especially when device is held in front of you, you’ll truly experience the superior audio. The best part is that the device gets loud even at 70 percent volume and acoustic distortion is at a minimum.

Then there’s the 120Hz refresh rate that’s got all the button-mashers excited when news of the phone’s release came out. To the trained eye, you’ll be able to see the sheer difference of the moving images on the screen. We tested this using two other phones next to the Razer 2 while playing Contra: Return and the varying smoothness is clear. The high refresh rate also makes it easier to watch movies as you get better clarity and sharper images, so you’ll be able to catch all the easter eggs in Ready Player One.

Razer Phone 2

Besides a great set of speakers and a solid screen, the Razer 2 packs a durable 4,000mAh battery that can last a full day with heavy usage – by this we mean concurrent games and social media for extended periods of time. You’ll also get a fingerprint sensor that lodged into the side of the device, which is handy, but at times a little bit unresponsive.

Probably a couple of major drawbacks of the Razer 2 are the average cameras. The output from the dual 12MP rear cameras isn’t that fantastic in comparison to some of the current phones in the market, although they can shoot HDR and up to 4K videos. The front shooter is 8MP and this one works great especially if you turn on the ‘Beauty’ mode.


Rating: 4.5/5



Overall, the Razer Phone 2 is a great device for gamers and those who love watching movies. It feels great to hold and is probably the phone with the best speakers right now. Although it may get a little hot, but it makes up for it with a strong battery and IP67 water resistant. Oh and there’s Chroma too – if you love colourful lights.