Kickstarting 2018 with the Fitbit Alta HR and Parrot Mambo Fly

New Year, New Resolutions

2018 began with the yearly ritual of writing down my new year resolutions, one of which is leading a more active lifestyle. I envision much of my time this year to be spent in the office, and I know that a sedentary lifestyle is not healthy. Thankfully, I have the Fitbit Alta HR and Parrot Mambo Fly to keep me moving throughout the year.

Vanessa with the Fitbit Alta HR

Tracking Progress with Fitbit

Tracking my daily activities can feel encouraging as I see the numbers go up over time. On New Year’s Eve, I went to Zumba and used the boardwalk instead of the monorail to enter Sentosa.  I double-tapped on my Fitbit to check the numbers throughout the day and at the end of the night, I clocked more than 20,000 steps and 83 active minutes. It was such a satisfaction surpassing my daily goals! The badge reward system (I earned four in two days!) also pleases my inner child and makes me want to be more active to fill up my collection. If you are like me who needs a little encouragement to stay fit throughout the year, Fitbit may be your source of motivation.

I downloaded the Fitbit companion app to set fitness goals and work out with Fitbit Coach. It’s like a Personal Trainer that guides you step by step throughout a circuit, but completely free of charge. Social media lovers like me might also be hooked to the app’s Community, where you can join groups to share and discover activities, recipes and tips. Maybe take some time off Instagram to spend it on a similar platform comprised of fitness enthusiasts?

Vanessa and friend flying the Parrot Mambo Fly

Parrot Mambo Fly Gets Me Outdoors

The coolest toy I got from the NXT Angels Campaign is the Parrot Mambo Fly. It is a drone, a little smaller than a piece of A4 paper, that connects via Bluetooth with my phone and allows me to pilot it. Of course, what fun is there in flying a drone indoors? I started experimenting with tricks and learning to fly it smoothly, so I have been taking breaks away from the laptop to head out and practise. It is so much more fun than playing with those remote control cars at the void deck as a kid.

I envy pet owners as they take more walks outdoors, rest their eyes from the screens, and enjoy the company of their dogs. Unfortunately, I do not have one and give evening walks a miss every day. The Parrot drone is like a pet though – It gets me outdoors and it’s entertaining to watch it do stunts like 360° spins. I can even fly it fast and run after it to burn more calories. No excuses to give evening walks a miss now!