Capturing selfies with Vaness Ho and the Fujifilm XA-3

Fujiflm’s latest X-A3 entry-level mirrorless camera is a great camera for not only capturing selfies but comes with a range of features for beginner photographers to level up their skills. Speaking of beginners, NXT Angel Vaness Ho has never owned a digital camera, so here’s her interesting take on the X-A3.

Vaness Ho Fujifilm

“I’m actually still studying but I also work as a freelance model and actress, and I’ve done some radio hosting. I’ve a lot of photographer friends and I know a bit about DSLR cameras as they’re always talking amongst themselves about what new lens to get and how a shoot turns out! I don’t really know that much about cameras but I’ve been thinking of investing in a good quality digital camera that I can use for a few years and this Fujifilm X-A3 has nice aesthetics and is pretty light. I’m looking for a camera where I can do more self-portraits and more unconventional scenery and street photography, so this camera’s tilting touchscreen is pretty cool and I did try its selfie mode!

I’d like to focus a bit more on my Instagram profile (@Vanesez.H) because I’ve been told that as you get more followers they expect more and sometimes phone cameras just can’t match a proper camera for quality. Its not so much getting images from the photoshoots I do but I think it helps for daily personal content like what yummy food I had for lunch or if I did an ‘outfit of the day’ pose.”

-Vaness Ho

Fujifilm XA3

Fujifilm X-A3

S$999 (with lens kit)