Elevating Audio Excellence with Marshall’s Major V and Minor IV

Marshall proudly introduces the Major V on-ear headphones and Minor IV True Wireless earbuds, revolutionizing the audio experience with extended playtime and enhanced comfort. Available now in Malaysia and Singapore, these new models embody Marshall’s signature craftsmanship and innovation, promising to redefine your listening experience.

The Major V and Minor IV set new benchmarks for wireless on-ear headphones and entry-level True Wireless earbuds. These products showcase Marshall’s renowned sound quality, supreme comfort, and exceptional battery life, offering music enthusiasts an unparalleled audio experience.

“With Major IV, we achieved 80+ hours of playtime, but Major V goes even further, offering over 100 hours,” says Martin Wennberg, Product Manager for Marshall headphones. “Every detail of the Major V, from its explosive sound to its iconic design, has been meticulously refined to honour our first-ever headphones.”

Designed for music lovers who demand more, the Major V and Minor IV feature the classic Marshall look and are built to endure daily wear and tear. The Minor IV offers a snug fit that enhances acoustic performance and allows for all-day wear, with customizable interactions available via the Marshall app. The Major V’s customizable M-button provides instant access to features like Spotify tap, EQ switching, and voice assistant through the app, ensuring a personalized listening experience.

The Major V delivers the quintessential Marshall sound, now improved to minimize distortion and ensure crystal-clear audio. With over 100 hours of wireless playtime, the Major V is ready for extended adventures, ensuring you’re never without your soundtrack. A quick recharge keeps you on the move.

Built to last, the Major V’s rugged design can withstand significant wear, and its foldable structure makes it easy to carry. The M-button and Marshall Bluetooth app offers customizable access to features like Spotify Tap, EQ presets, and voice assistance. Convenient wireless charging eliminates the need to search for cables, simply place the headphones on a charging pad.

Prepared for a Bluetooth LE Audio future, ensuring higher audio quality, extended streaming range, and better audio sync for video.

Delivering the legendary Marshall sound, the Minor IV offers a balanced audio experience that commands attention. With over 30 hours of wireless playtime, the Minor IV ensures you have music when you need it.

The redesigned earbuds provide a better fit and are water-resistant, ensuring uninterrupted music in any weather. Manage playback and calls easily with Bluetooth multipoint connectivity and personalize your sound with the Marshall app.

Extend the lifespan of your earbuds with in-app battery preservation, OTA updates, and replaceable parts. Equipped with Bluetooth LE Audio, enhancing audio quality, streaming range, and sync for videos.

Retailing at USD179, the Major V is available exclusively at Marshall’s official online stores.

The Minor IV, priced at USD 159, can be purchased at Marshall’s official online stores. Embrace the rock ‘n’ roll spirit with a focus on performance over complexity and let the music play on.