5 Advanced Game Tips for Palworld (Part 3) finale : Mastering the End-Game Challenges

1. Focus on Alpha Pals for Crucial Resources
As you explore, make it a priority to farm and capture Alpha Pals. These unique creatures drop Ancient Civilisation Parts, which are crucial for your progression.

Accumulate these parts diligently and use them to construct multiple incubators. Considering the long incubation times for certain eggs, having several incubators can be a game-changer.

2. Exercise Caution with Legendary Cloth Armor
During your exploration, you may find legendary cloth armour schematics in chests. While tempting, be cautious with crafting these items.

They require Ancient Civilisation Parts for repair and may not offer substantial benefits. Assess the cost-benefit ratio carefully before committing valuable resources to crafting these armour pieces.

3. Switch to Dazzi for Enhanced Combat
In the earlier stages, Daydreams might have been your go-to Pals. Now, it’s time to switch them up for Dazzi.

Crafting Dazzi’s Necklace at level 22 allows these Pals to fight alongside you, providing a fresh dynamic to your team strategy.

4. Efficient Strategies for Game Progression

● Focus on Incubating Eggs: Efficiently bolster your Pal collection by prioritizing egg incubation.
● Construct Multiple Incubators: Use your collected Ancient Civilisation Parts to build several incubators, enhancing your breeding capabilities.
● Be Selective with Armor: Exercise discretion when encountering legendary cloth armour schematics. Consider their cost and potential benefits before crafting.

5. Optimize Your Base with Specialized Pals

To further enhance your base operations, consider employing specific Pals for specialized tasks:
● Tombat: Excellent for mining operations and can work through the night.
● Lunaris: Ideal for handiwork around your base.
● Ragnarhawk: Specializes in fire-related tasks.
● Flambe: Known for dropping valuable flame organs.
● Dinossum: Highly effective for lumbering tasks.
● Pen King: A versatile all-rounder that can assist in various activities.

By following these tips, you’ll be better equipped to handle the mid-game grind in Palworld, setting yourself up for success as you approach the thrilling endgame. Good luck, and keep exploring!