Dyson Unveils Supersonic Nural: A Leap in Hair Care Technology for Scalp Health and Shine

In a significant leap forward for hair care technology, Dyson introduced the Supersonic Nural hair dryer during a global launch event held in Seoul, South Korea.

This advanced hair styling tool, hailed as Dyson’s most intelligent hair dryer to date, incorporates groundbreaking Nural sensor technology designed to safeguard scalp health and enhance hair shine without the risk of heat damage.

The innovative Supersonic Nural is engineered with a unique feature, the Scalp protect mode, which leverages an intricate network of sensors to automatically adjust heat levels. As the dryer approaches the head, it reduces its temperature to prevent scalp damage.

This smart technology not only aims to improve the styling process by enhancing hair’s natural shine but also prevents the adverse effects of excessive heat exposure. With these advancements, Dyson addresses the common concern of heat damage, providing a solution that caters to all hair types.

Diffuser Attachment
GentleAir Attachment
Smoothing Nozzle Attachment
Styling Concentrator Attachment
FlyAway Smoother Attachment

The dryer also includes a suite of new and improved attachments, featuring attachment recognition capabilities. This feature learns a user’s styling preferences, thereby streamlining the hair drying routine to offer a faster, healthier, and more personalized experience without the need for extreme heat.

James Dyson, the founder and chief engineer behind this innovation, emphasized the importance of limiting heat exposure for maintaining scalp and hair health. “Our new Supersonic Nural has a time of flight sensor which recognises your head and reduces the heat as it gets close to your hair, preventing heat damage to both your scalp and your hair,” Dyson explained.

Jame Dyson and Dyson Beauty’s Ambassador (JISOO)

He further highlighted the role of continuous investment in research and development as crucial to innovation, underscoring Dyson’s commitment to understanding and addressing the root causes of hair damage.

While the Supersonic Nural hair dryer is yet to be available in Singapore, it will be launched with five attachments included in the box, alongside additional standalone accessories.

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