NXT December 2023 Issue Is Out Now! Get Your copy Today!

The December 2023 Edition of NXT is here and it’s packed with exciting content about Tech Couture. No longer confined to functionality alone, gadgets have evolved into expressions of personal style, seamlessly integrating into our lives as both tools and masterpieces.

In the closing chapters of 2023, the marriage of art and science in consumer electronics has given birth to a Tech Couture movement, redefining our relationship with gadgets. From the aesthetic tech movement to the fusion of fashion and function, this year has witnessed a transformation in the way we perceive and interact with technology.

Under the Gear section, we have featured the latest Apple iMac and MacBook Pro with M3 chips, Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Laptop GO 3, Prism+ new TV series, OPPO Find N3 and Find N3 Flip and more.

Our new NXT Angel Clarissa has tested out the latest Canon Powershot V10 and a small camera meticulously designed for the smartphone native generation.

Our Luxury section features some of the finest watches and audio file speakers and check them out.

Over in Test, from page 76, we got to try the Acer Nitro 16, a gaming laptop that packs a punch for anyone who’s an avid gamer, before we got our hands on the Legion Go, Lenovo’s latest portable gaming device that’s set to change the game.

Lastly, in NXT Big Thing, we look at how the consumer electronics industry is poised to grow at an unprecedented rate.

The NXT digital version is available to download now at magzter.com.